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Students Love Staying With US

Image by Jude Beck

I had such a great experience. At first I was skeptical but it definitely exceeded my expectations. It is a 4 min walk to campus and is much quieter than living in the dorms or on the south side of campus. Management took care of everything and tried to make sure I had a stress free stay in a peaceful environment. This allowed me to focus on my studies with no worries. I wish I knew about Kluegel House earlier so that I could have stayed there longer.


Kluegel House is so much more than a beautiful, well-cared for rooming house on the North side of Berkeley's campus; it is a welcoming home of friendly, intelligent and kind housemates who become your school community while you live here. There are plenty of quiet places to study in the house and also lots of activity and good conversation in the kitchen and living room (equipped with leather couches and a tv!). I highly recommend the location, nestled between redwood trees just a couple blocks from North campus and Euclid street, classes and great food are a short walk away. Kluegel has great landlords who are happy to help keep the house running smoothly and even stock the kitchen with food essentials and host house BBQs on occasion.  I highly recommend visiting Kluegel, you will love it.

This place is highly recommended and guarantee a great college experience.  The place is always clean due to housekeepers coming a couple times a week and housemates cleaning up after themselves. The fellow housemates are awesome and super friendly. We cooked together sometimes and even had house warming and a super-bowl party that the owners paid for.  We grew a great bond and I still talk to them this day.  My stay was very peaceful and stress free, which allowed me to focus on my studies.



Bachelor Bedroom

 House has spacious rooms, fast wifi, and is located in a quiet location. Management was wonderful to work with and was quick to fix any small issue that arose.


I lived here in 2018/19 and decided to move back in for the 19/20 school year. A+ location, 2 blocks from Northside campus. Fantastic house manager. Very nice community vibes. Awesome outdoor space. Cleaning service comes by three times a week (this is a life saver for student housing like this), and things stay nice and clean.
There are cameras in the yard and kitchen to prevent theft and to monitor whether or not people clean up after themselves. 
All in all, this is a very nice place, and it is a great fit for a lot of people. 


I had an awesome time at Kluegel (mainly because I met some amazing people during my stay). It's usually pretty chill. There are plenty of places to hang out and study at, but the location of the home is what really got me to stay for 4 semesters (soo close!) 


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