So much to do in the neighborhood

Food Nearby

-Seoul Hotdog

-MoMo Masalas

-Celia's Mexican Restaurant

-Bollywood Café

-La Val's Pizza

-Urann Turbann

-Bongo Burger

-La Burrita

-Menchie's Frozen Yogurt


-Northside Café


-The campus Store

-Seven Palms Food Center


Tons of Transportation

Short 5 min. (0.2 mile) walk to the north side of UC Berkeley campus

Nearby bike sharing station

Downtown Berkeley BART will take you all around the Bay Area

Close bus stop will take you anywhere you need to go

CAL Football Stadium and The Greek Theatre in walking distance

Parks and Hiking Trails


2669 Le Conte Berkeley, CA 94709


Text or Call: (209) 481-8450

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